The Pest Information Management Systems (PIMS) is an online database of pests and diseases affecting food crops grown and traded across borders. PIMS is the first of its kind in across Africa and has been developed through the support of the East African Trade and Investment Hub (EATHUB), a USAID program.

Country Pest List

Scientific NameCommon NameCountryDescription
Chloris barbata Sw., 1797purpletop chlorisKenyaWidely distributed in tropical and some subtropical regions of all continents, with the possible exception of southern Africa.Require relatively dry conditions, near the coast and is tolerant of saline conditions.
Cochliobolus sativus (S. Ito & Kurib.) Drechsler ex Dastur [teleomorph] (S. Ito & Kurib.) Drechsler ex Dasturroot and foot rotKenya C. sativus is seedborne on several crops, airborne secondary inoculum of C. sativus cause severe foliar disease and yield losses. The pathogen is also soilborne.
Commelina benghalensis L. (1753)wandering jewKenyagrows best in moist and highly-fertile soils. Stems have a high moisture content, and once well rooted the plant can survive for long periods without moisture availability (Wilson, 1981) and can then grow rapidly on the onset of rains (Holm et al., 1977) hairy leaves
Commelina diffusa Burm. f. (1768)spreading dayflowerKenya
Conocephaloides obscurellus Kenya
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