The Pest Information Management Systems (PIMS) is an online database of pests and diseases affecting food crops grown and traded across borders. PIMS is the first of its kind in across Africa and has been developed through the support of the East African Trade and Investment Hub (EATHUB), a USAID program.

Country Pest List

Scientific NameCommon NameCountryDescription
Dactyloctenium aegyptium (L.) Willd.crowfoot grassKenyaD. aegyptium occurs from sea level to 2100 m (Clayton et al., 1974). The grass grows in disturbed places such as cultivated lands, gardens and roadsides, usually where additional water collects. It usually colonizes sands to sandy loam soils. Salt tolerant ecotypes have been reported in Nigeria (Adu et al., 1994). D. aegyptium is an annual grass which reproduces mainly by seeds but which has creeping or spreading stems that root at the lower nodes. Dispersal and propagation of seed occurs by animals and birds.
Digitaria ciliaris (Retz.) Koelersouthern crabgrassKenya
Digitaria longiflora (Retz.) Pers.false couch grassKenya seeds, rhizomes and stolons
Dimorphopterus Kenyatropics and subtropics
Diopsis apicalis Dalman Kenya
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