The Pest Information Management Systems (PIMS) is an online database of pests and diseases affecting food crops grown and traded across borders. PIMS is the first of its kind in across Africa and has been developed through the support of the East African Trade and Investment Hub (EATHUB), a USAID program.

Country Pest List

Scientific NameCommon NameCountryDescription
Galinsoga parviflora Cav. 1794gallant soldierKenyatemperate and sub-tropical regions seed, wind, contaminant of crop seed
Gibberella fujikuroi var. fujikuroi (Sawada) Wollenw. [teleomorph] (Sawada) Wollenw.bakanae disease or riceKenyaHumid and subhumid temperate, subtropical and tropical zones throughout the world seed, plant parts,
Gibberella zeae (Schwein.) Petch [teleomorph] (Schwein.) Petchheadblight of maizeKenyaThe disease is favoured by warm and wet conditions. seed, plant parts, wind
deletecommon spiral nematodeKenya Infested roots or soil, drainage, irrigation or flood water, seedlings/ micropropagated plants, Containers and packaging (wood), land vehicles
Heliotropium indicum L. (1753)Indian heliotropeKenyasea level to an altitude of 1000 m almost throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
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