Boerhavia diffusa L. (1753) in Kenya

Boerhavia diffusa L. (1753) in Kenya

Scientific NameBoerhavia diffusa L. (1753)
Common Namered spiderling
SynonymsBoerhavia adscendens Willd.,Boerhavia paniculata Rich,Boerhavia procumbens Banks ex Roxb,Boerhavia repanda wall.,Boerhavia var.diffusa (L.) hook.f.
Pest Life FormWeed
Distribution StatusPresent
Quarantine StatusUnregulated
Common Host CommoditiesNot set
Climatic ConditionsB. diffusa is a terrestrial, prostrate, perennial herb which grows to 1-1.5 m long.
Life CycleNot set
Dispersal MechanismIt propagates by root stocks and by seed, although seeds only account for 21% of reproduction. It flowers and fruits throughout the year (Mathur and Bandari, 1983
Presence In Other CountriesKenya

Commodities affected by Boerhavia diffusa L. (1753) in Kenya

#CommodityPlant Parts AffectedControl MeasuresEconomic Importance
1 Rice Whole plants Fodder/animal feed, Host of pest,medicine
2 Cassava Whole plants

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